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You are expected

You are expected to interview someone who had been to another country/ies in a business trip or as a tourist, or an international student/person who visited or came to this country. You may interview a “Westerner” who did not travel but had interactions with “foreigners” in his/her Western country. Your interview will focus on the social and business interactions that your interviewee engaged in. After providing information about your participant and a rational for choosing him/her, you can ask questions similar, but not necessary limited, to the following 1- When were you in that country? 2- How did you find your social/ business interaction similar/different from what you are used to. 3- Can you relate the most shocking or strange incident(s) that you witnessed or been part of? 4- Did you have any orientation (including personal research) about the customs and traditions of that country? 5- How did your learning of the culture of the country affect your experiences? 6- Did you notice that the religion, attitudes, and beliefs of the people affected their interactions or the way they conduct business? How? 7- things would you do differently if you are to relive your experience doing business in that country? 8- advice would you give to a foreigner going in a trip to that particular country? You may report your interview in any format you like (e.g. essay or question and answer). However, you need to conclude in a paragraph in which you link what your interviewee mentioned and what has been discussed in the class, the concepts of intercultural communication. Failing to include this paragraph will automatically drop your grade to half of the assigned grade for this assignment. remember that the provided questions should serve as a guide or sample for your interview. Make sure to ask about comparisons between the country your interviewee visited and the common expected behavior in similar settings in the United States.

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