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Research paper that

Research paper that links a piece of media (i.e. movie, T.V. show episode) to your understanding of the concepts (Considering Self, Perceiving Others, or Experiencing and Expressing Emotions). Any of those 3 are fine. For this assignment, you are asked to research potential sources in content areas you might be interested in covering (e.g. romantic relationships and conflict; family relationships and siblings, etc.). So, to you focus · what topics have been covered in our chapters that you are interested in so far? ( Experiencing and Expressing Emotions) · what will we discuss in the future that you want to learn more about? ( Self-improvement) Keep in mind the purpose is to have a to use and cite within your final paper, so that you are not having to do as much research when you are focused on writing it. · Each student is expected to locate a of ten (10) sources overall, for at least different topic areas. (e.g.  power and conflict, romantic relationships, cross-sex friendships, family, active listening, etc.) · Your sources should vary from a combination of books, articles (e.g. newspaper, magazine), websites, blogs, scholarly journal articles (i.e. professional publications from various communication organizations, like , etc. · At least (2) books are required as part of your sources. note that you are not required to the entire text, but should submit a summary of information contained in the abstract. · At least (2) journal articles are required as part of your sources as well. Once again, the summary of the article should be in your own words. o Examples , etc. · You should include a cover page as the first page which includes the following your name, SPCH 1318-XXX (section number), date, and Annotated Bibliography Assignment (title) · Not familiar with APA styles of citations? For assistance and examples of source citations copy and paste the following link in your Internet browser o o Be sure to look for the sections titled “Reference List” to find the information you need quickly. · At the end of each citation you need to give a including the following o Brief summary of what the article, book, etc. covers or discusses o Why this source is a good source for your upcoming research paper o Why this source is a credible source for you to use in your research paper. formatting directions followed, number of citations submitted ( ), quality of the summary/abstract submitted, number of topics covered, and rationale for source credibility. Purchase the answer to view it

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