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Overview For the final project in this course, you are being asked to apply the concepts learned throughout the course to assist a small business owner in improving his business through the use of technology. Milestone Two will be the second step in creating your report and recommendations to the business owner. The objective of this milestone is to further explore course concepts and incorporate additional perspectives and source material to analyze real world scenarios by creating a technology guide for the business owner. Leverage both the textbook and external sources to complete this assignment. Prompt Amazon has a huge advantage over brick and mortar retailers because of the intelligent systems it employs. A customer need only get close to a product category and the intelligent systems will provide links to products other customers shopped for or bought after they viewed that particular item. Often, in a few clicks customers can find a top-rated product they were not aware of a few minutes earlier. For Harrison Kirby, owner of the golf shop from the Milestone One Internship Activity, this causes a real problem. He has a tough time competing with online golf stores because he is not able to carry a high level of inventory nor does he have the amount of data necessary to create these intelligent systems. Below you will find a letter from Kirby that explains how you can him in this situation. Dear Intern, I have an idea that I need your developing. I realize that there is a great deal of information available on the web. Every product I carry has plenty of resources to my customers make a decision. The problem I have found is that those resources are available on my competitors’ websites! For example, Amazon does a great job of using its data to offer an “intelligent” suggestion to its customers. It often shows what percentage of people buy an item after viewing it, suggests related items, and even suggests combinations of purchases. I will never have as much data as Amazon does, but I wonder if I couldn’t somehow tap into their system and use it to my advantage? I am interested in developing a system that will allow my customers to use the intelligent systems that are available online but keep my customers in my store for purchases. Part of ing with this will be gathering a list of the major golf websites that offer extensive product information, including customer reviews. I need you to build a table that has the following information in it  (See pdf attachment for table example and additional instructions) Purchase the answer to view it

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