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Now that you have selected a topic for your research project and have a tentative thesis, you will need to begin your research. Taking time to conduct research on your thesis will bring your thesis ideas into clearer focus and provide you with fuel to alter it depending on where your research takes you. Building a body of information about your thesis should also  give you a sense of what more you want and need to learn about those ideas as you deepen your study for your research project. You will present this body of researched information in the form of an annotated bibliography. –If you have trouble finding sources, try putting groups of key words in quotation marks. This can improve your search results. For example, if I wanted to find out about fairy tales in children’s literature, I might try this entry “fairy tales children’s literature.” –Concentrate on finding articles, book chapters, web pages, resources, etc. that you can actually read and comprehend. Articles need to be substantial as well as reliable, so do not include any article in your bibliography that is briefer than 2 full print pages or 4 screens. The goal is to gather a range of ideas and opinions, so do not include more than two articles by the same person, or more than two articles from the same source. –Focus your research on your tentative thesis ideas to begin with, allowing what your research tells you to guide you in your research. –Use the to make sure sources are credible, accurate, objective and current (as needed). NOTE Research is time-consuming, but if you do a good job here, the rest of the research project will be much easier to complete. If, after you do your best, you are not able to find quality resources for your research, reach out to your instructor for guidance and direction.

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