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Need Part-2 &

Need Part-2 & Part-3 items Based on USA elections 2020 data, Reference https// File Names governors_county.csv governors_county_candidate.csv governors_state.csv house_county.csv house_county_candidate.csv house_state.csv president_county.csv president_county_candidate.csv president_state.csv senate_county.csv senate_county_candidate.csv senate_state.csv Planning to identify the following questions to investigate my problem statement. How many presidential votes exist at count level? How many candidate’s context in elections for presidential position from each party and number of votes individual got to be elected as presidential? How many votes cumulatively used by citizen to elect presidential and any elector votes if exist any? Are there any states / county level numbers so close by to determine the close proximity votes the losing party missed, which might in future to recover from such counties. Along with governor elections data analysis, How does data analysis look like for congress house representative elections? How does data analysis look like for governor representative elections? How does data analysis look like for senate representative elections?

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