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Most would agree

Most would agree that parenting is a lifelong job. The parent’s obligations  begin once the baby is conceived and seemingly never end, even after his or her  child becomes an adult. Suppose that you are the parent in each of the following scenarios. Based on  what you have learned from this unit’s materials, answer the following questions  for each scenario by explaining how you would effectively handle each situation. Scenario 1 At the playground, your 5-year-old daughter shoves another child  and takes away the child’s toy. Your daughter then screams at the child and runs  away. Scenario 2 You discover that your 13-year-old son has taken $20 from your  purse and is planning to use it to purchase vapes (e-cigarettes) at school. The  only reason you found out is because your 15-year-old daughter tattled after  becoming upset that her brother would not give her half of the loot to serve as  hush money. How do you address each child? Scenario 3 Your 21-year-old daughter comes home from college and excitedly  shares that she met a new guy on Tinder, and she plans to marry him next month.  She then reveals that she will be quitting school, despite only having 1 year  left to complete her bachelor’s degree. (She does not see the need for her  degree any longer, as her fiancé is rich, or so she has been told.) She has  decided to throw away the career plans and dream wedding she has planned since  she was 10 years old because now she finally has her Prince Charming, and her  life is all set! Your combined answers for each scenario must be at least 150 words, for a  minimum of 450 words for the entire assignment (not including the title and  reference pages). Your answers should include an insightful and thorough analysis and present a  strong argument with evidence. You must use at least one source to support your  analysis. This may be your textbook or another scholarly source. All sources  used will be properly cited. Your case study, including all references, will be  formatted in APA style.

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