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MECH ENG 4BB3 Thursday, Due date Wednesday, December 3 Assignment 7 Group paper – Biomechanics Review You are to work in groups of 3-4 students. For this assignment you are asked to write a short review paper on a topic in biomechanical engineering. The topics can include one of the following – Artificial implants (hip, knee, heart valve, arterial) – Injury and prevention (brain, ACL, hip fracture, airbags, seatbelts) – Tissue engineering (cartilage, bone, ligament) – or, you can do another topic of your choosing with permission (must be related to biomechanics) Task 1 Initiate research and form outline. Topic outline deadline Thu, Nov 20 Outline (approx 1 page – no more! must include preliminary bibliography) Task 2 Write a short review paper on the topic of choice. Your report must include the following – Background introductory description of the topic of interest – Engineering advances o Explanation as to how engineering is used in the field to improve outcomes or prevent injury (as appropriate to the topic). o engineering principles are commonly used – Comments on success and challenges of current solution o Current success (quantitative if the info is available) and reasons for failure / limitations of the design / technique under discussion. The report will be graded according to the attached rubric. provide a type-written report 12-15 pages double spaced (approximately 3000 to 4000) words (less than 2500 and more than 5000 will be penalized). References are required. Supporting figures and diagrams are encouraged to add to the “overall presentation” of the report. Figures from the internet can be used for this purpose, but must be referenced (cite web page source). PLEASE SUBMIT YOUR PAPERS ELECTRONICALLY VIA EMAIL (PDF or DOCX) ** This assignment is due on Wednesday, December 3 (or earlier) no exceptions. Late assignments will be given a 20% deduction per day with the first deduction starting at 500 P.M. on Wednesday, December 3. **

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