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Familiarize yourself with

Familiarize yourself with how Wi-Fi Networks work. You are probably using Wi-Fi in your home on many devices. Maybe you are even using your cell phone to manage the devices. Maybe you have a security system, video doorbell, or smart thermostat that you can control. In the not too distant future, more people will be managing home devices from a smart phone or by using voice commands to turn lights on and off, regulate temperature, monitor a security system, turn on the oven, and check the contents of a smart fridge. The future will allow users to save electricity when not in use, or when you’re not home. These technologies are already available and termed as a “smart home”. (opens in a new window) (opens in a new window) Do you know the importance of keeping your home network secure? With all of the “smart home” devices, you should desire to lock down your home network. Read the article on how to create a more secure home network (opens in a new window) View the following videos to assist  you in completing the discussion board. Look in your Assignments – Module 5 – Chapter 6 Content for CUT 7e CH06 Section 6.7 Watch and Learn Lesson Setting Up a Home Network and CUT 7e CH06 Section 6.7 Video How Do I Set Up a Wireless Home Network? Create a thread on this discussion board with the following

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