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Chapter 13 Chapter

Chapter 13 Chapter 14 Complete your assignment by clicking ( ) by entering text into the and format using the Blackboard formatting tools–OR–use the “paste” function and copy from a word processor document into the (recommended), and click Submit. You may view your posting both on this page and under My Grade (available under Tools).  Do not attach files.  For each question include to an site you researched to form your answer to that question. Go to the Justice Information Center website at Click on Juvenile Justice.  You may have better luck going right to Juvenile Justice at .  Then choose one of the documents listed. Read the document and write a summary of it which contains the salient points of the research.  Ensure that your summary includes sufficient detail that your instructor can judge your understanding of the document.  Note that there are more related links if none of the documents immediately listed catch your interest. Provide a link to the document you summarized

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