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Assessment 1 Literature

Assessment 1 Literature Review Value 40% Length 1500 words + reference list Format Double-line spacing, size 12 font single sided, black and white print. Reference Style RMIT Business Your task is to review the literature relevant to the Course case study Genocide in Rwanda Leadership, ethics and organisational ‘failure’ in a post-colonial context. The case focuses on the organizational factors that played a role in “failing” to prevent genocide in Rwanda. In particular, it focuses on the interplay between key leaders and geo-political relations. You should review the literature related to decision making in organisations A literature review is an examination of the relevant writings in a particular field or topic, not just a summary of the chapters and articles you have read. Your review might incorporate individual and group decision making behaviours, models and processes in an organisational context. In the review, you should also express ideas, concepts, and arguments in a logical and coherent written form consistent with academic standards. The overall purpose of written assessment is for you to apply a broad and coherent body of knowledge in a particular context. We will assess you and give feedback on your ability to critically review the literature, analyse, consolidate, and synthesise knowledge in a clear, coherent, and scholarly manner. Important information

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