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Annotated Bibliography –

Annotated Bibliography – Review four potential sources for your research paper project (you should already have your research essay topic chosen), and select two to explore further, with one qualifying as a . Here are some possible places to search for credible sources This assignment does not follow the standard , paragraph, and format; instead, you will simply create three well-developed paragraphs per source, each with a specific objective, for six paragraphs total. For each of your two chosen resources, you will the material, the source’s content, and on its value for your research paper project. Some sources are long and contain main ideas and subtopics, so be sure to focus your assignment on ideas that are relevant to your research paper topic. Learn more about , assessing, and reflecting This essay also requires a particular format in which you will summarize, assess, and reflect on one source in full before you move to the next one. See the sample under “Sample Annotation” for format details. Remember to apply the concepts you’re learning in the course, including elements of grammar, punctuation, development, and other skills. This piece should be approximately 1-2 double-spaced pages or 500 words. Include a header in the upper left-hand corner of your writing assignment with the following information

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