Get the answer to: a. Complete the


a. Complete the

a. Complete the following cost and revenue schedules for a perfectly competitive firm Instructions Enter your responses as a whole number. If you are entering any negative numbers be sure to include a negative sign (-) in front of those numbers. Quantity Price Total Revenue Total Cost $50 Marginal Cost 0 $50 1 50 2 50 60 90 140 3 50 4 50 200 280 5 50 b. Graph marginal cost (MC). Instructions Use the tool provided ‘MC’ to draw the marginal cost curve point by point (plot 5 points total). 100 Tools 90 80 MC 70 60 Price or Cost (dollars per unit) 50 P = MR 40 30 20 10
c. rate of output maximizes profit? units d. is MC at that rate of output? $

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