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1. Review all

1. Review all visual selections collected throughout the stages of the project. Select (an image, object and space) to include in your Final Synthesis. 2. Write an introductory paragraph (minimum 250 words) answering the following 3. Select example from the three final visual selections to apply all modes of analysis so that the example is considered , , and through an . Be sure to clearly identify the example you are writing on. Use course tools, including your previous posts, instructor feedback, our glossary and the interpretative strategies explored throughout the course. This is an opportunity to , and your previous work, building upon the work that you have already accomplished. You may cut/paste from previous posts, making sure that you expand and edit as needed. This portion of the Final Synthesis will range between 750-1250 words. 4 . Using parenthetical citations, e.g. (Smith, 95), cite your sources for direct quotations and for any new ideas that you learned. 5. Prepare an alphabetized bibliography with a minimum of six sources listed following MLA format.

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